If at this period decisions are difficult to make, you can simply put things in order. Think and see both sides of the coin. This is the most important. It helps to make a decision easier. Always look at both sides of the coin. This way you can easily see which is the best. And then you will decide and act confidently, without any doubts.

The coin has two sides, take advantage of it

If you don’t believe this can help your decision, get a coin right now. Of any value. Because either large or small, they have the same value of life. Like a dream or a decision. Both exist to meet some of our needs. Strange as it may sound.

There is no big and small dream. There are dreams that make you happy. It also doesn’t matter if one doesn’t have a lot of money that others have. It matters if he/she is happy without them too.

Pretend you’re in a dilemma, which side of the coin will you choose. After all, both sides are the currency. First look at one side. What are its benefits? What makes you prefer it? Does it have more plans than the other?

Compare it with the other side. Look at its features, its negatives and decide which one you want.

The same happens with a decision

Always look at both sides of the coin. Until you make the decision you will have the opportunity to get to know the other side.
“What is it that could benefit me the most in the path I choose?”, “On this path I would like to take, I will have the opportunity to get to know more people, opening the door to my career”.

You may be wondering: “If what I do makes me upset, I just think why should I do it? The other thought doesn’t cause me so much stress”.

All of the above, and so many more, are signs / questions that we have certainly asked ourselves once.

It’s true that it’s more “barbaric” to look at only one side of the coin. Because there are more thoughts gathered, maybe all the negatives. “Touching” calmly the other side too, may make you more positive than negative. And then your smile will… join your ears. And then, you’ll seize the decision and at the same time the opportunity, embarking on a journey that you and only you have chosen.