Believing in you is not just a clever and comforting thoughtless response. Instead, believing in ourselves is a very important tool for success, which changes your life.

The proof is that every time we look for different means and knowledge to achieve success. But without consistent confidence we feel we lack a significant axis.

“Of course I believe in myself,” we often whisper. But does this obey our behavior and our actions in our daily life?

It seems to me that when we go through a phase of frustration, we reproach ourselves and immediately believe that it is a sign that we don’t have what we need to achieve our goals and dreams.


Laugh is the best… medicine


By answering the questions below with a “yes” or a “no” you can detect your degree of confidence.

-When you fail, is there a period in your life, one day or more, that you feel unsuccessful?

-Do you have a list of certificates, diplomas and courses you need to get to feel able to succeed?

– Do you have a persistent belief that you aren’t complete and don’t know what it is like to feel?

-You know what you’re good at, but do you think that in order to succeed, you have to build on your weaknesses?

-Does your parents and friends opinion is so important that when they disagree with your decisions, you doubt for yourself?

– Do you seek acceptance of others in the form of money, power and compliments?

– Do you often change your view of your work based on what others have told you they believe?

– Do you often feel confused about what you are going to do?

– Do you tend to talk to yourself more negatively than positively?

If you answered “yes” to more than five questions, you probably don’t believe in yourself as much as you think. You might already believe that you can’t change that perception. We know you can.



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