Most people believe that a leader is a title given according to one’s position. However, being a true leader has nothing to do with the position you hold. The two may be related to some degree, but there is a distinct difference.

Who is a real leader

The true leader is the one who inspires the other, whatever position he/she holds. That exalts him/her, withoutreceiving the credit. It is the human who always puts the other in leading position and rejoices in his/her successes. That has a clear vision and inspires the rest of the world to follow it.

A leader will never leave his/her team. It will be the one who will take the risk and all the responsibility in case of failure. And on the other hand, he/she will share the credentials throughout the team except himself/herself, in case of success.

How to become a leader

Of course, leadership is not easy and that is why there are not many leaders. But when a team is led by a leader, then there is a vision in that team. They don’t do something because they have to, but because they want it.

One cannot simply become a leader. Many argue that one is born with this power. But it’s also the character and it is built. You will not read books on how to become a leader because this isn’t knowledgeable.

What the difference of a leader from a manager

A leader can also be a manager, but it isn’t necessary. A manager aims to deliver the desired result. He.she wants to have the last word, and if something goes wrong, he/she is looking for whom to blame.

A leader has a vision. This leads him/her to take risks in order to succeed. He/she creates a beautiful working environment where everyone can grow. He/she’s easier to trust because he/she knows he/she cannot do it all by himself/herself.
And always, it’s based on his/her people. By inspiring them, leading them by his/her example and helping them grow with him.

You should cultivate such acts

If you want to be a true leader, begin doing what leaders do. If you want to be inspired, then you can read biographies of several great leaders.

Some examples are Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Sir Alex Ferguson and Barack Obama.
But no office is needed to be a leader. A true leader is everywhere!