The essence of solving problems and situations is always in the process you chose to find solutions. How did you handle a difficult situation, how did you accept an incident? What could you do better in order to not do it again? Through a lot of analysis, you may find that you can finally solve something easier beginning from yourself. Be your rain’s umbrella. Never forget this.

Only this way will you shine

Thinking negatively has no sense. Instead, you harm more yourself and, of course, those around you who expect to see you smiling again.

Unfortunately, the smile, the true one, is not a button to press and display. However, you can make the barbaric time that dominates your life look like not your tyrant but your ally.

Take time for yourself and put things in order. And above all, don’t let the blackhead appear, stealing your smile. Be your rain’s umbrella.


Love yourself


Be your rain’s umbrella

Believing in yourself and rewarding yourself in every victory and defeat, you can achieve a lot. You will be able to stand alone in every hurdle and you will find that by embracing the toddler hiding within you, you will become stronger.

The little kid inside you, it’s you. This easy-moving baby, that tears secretly behind the curtain and is hidden in the dark, because now, as he/she thinks, it is his/her companion. This little kid it’s you in your bad situations.

Hug him/her, love him/her and believe in your strength. Leave the shield you put on the sidelines and let the true power overwhelm you. It comes when you accept yourself and whatever the situation is.

Dear reader, you are strong, you just often forget it and ignore it. You always need confirmation, encouragement and a beautiful way around you. However, the result will be better if you first start encouraging yourself. If you believe in him that you can do everything with effort, with a smile and with hope.

Reward him/her, reassure him/her that every day is different, with its white, gray or black colors.


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