Become a truly happy person

What do you feel when you see people around you smiling, while you’re in your own world? How difficult do you think it is to become a truly happy person?

To start in the right direction, do the following:

Determine what happiness means

You can’t get somewhere if you don’t know where it is. So the first step should be figuring out and formulating what genuine happiness means to you. Put aside jealousy and envy as these factors steal and deprive you of happiness. Make sure you set your own goals in order to satisfy your own needs & wants. It’s clearly nice to share your joy with your parents and friends at the end of the journey. However, don’t allow them to define where the finish line is and what determines it.

Recognize that happiness is not the eternal smile

A truly happy person is a person who is open to accepting the various scenarios that arise in life. It’s a mistake to think that someone who is happy smiles 24 hours a day. True happiness has to do with recognizing who you are and how you react in different situations. Clearly everything needs improvement, including how you manage various life situations. However, when you realize that it’s okay to be sad and fragile at some point, you will be freed from the tendency to pursue happiness frantically.


Do more with less

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