How many times do you go to work and feel that a multitude of negative thoughts and feelings overwhelm you? If that number goes beyond a reasonable limit and multiplies continuously then you have to do a whole lot of fighting with yourself, your desires and your expectations.

And as you experience it, you often realize that you lose your passion, your creativity, your performance. And all this has a bitter reflection at all levels of your life.

And as you analyze some key facts, you have two options: either to find ways to regain your love for your job or to take responsibility for a decision, change employer and / or sector, as far as possible.

The suggestions below may help you measure some data if you ever feel you need to make such a decision.

Can you love your job again? Or are you ready for another decision?

Set limits

The most common reason we feel tired of working is because it is reflected in the rest of our life. This is especially true for jobs that are extremely stressful. Separating your work from the rest of your life will allow you to get more involved with the rest of your life and go with a clear mind in the office.

Discover new skills

If you are looking to start a new activity or hobby, there is no better time than when your job doesn’t seem to excite you anymore. It doesn’t matter if the activity is related to your work, it continues to support your mental functions and enrich your imagination. It is important to stay a student of life, to satisfy your curiosity and to be constantly open to new ideas and thoughts.

Get some days off

On the days that you feel most strongly about this negativity about your work, take off at least one day. Sometimes it works like a tonic injection so you can see all the parameters more realistically before taking any step. It may also help you re-commit to the principles and intentions with which you started this job.

Answer basic questions without avoiding them

Be clear with yourself

Instead of insisting on failure, change the scenario and ask yourself what you neglected in your job. Take the time to ask yourself honestly. Have you neglected your duties? When and why? Did something happen that made you lose your faith in the company, your role, yourself or your colleagues? How do you feel about the job you are doing? We usually avoid these kinds of questions because we know that the answers require us to take responsibility.

Make the decision if needed

Life is too short to stay in a job that transforms your life into a path of martyrdom. If you’re unhappy, don’t let money be the only reason you stay. No job is worth sacrificing your health, happiness or well-being. If these tips to love your job don’t work for you, at least you’ll be able to recognize the moment you need to make the decision to change…