Many times during the day, you will find that things don’t happen as you expect. However, there are some things you can try for the change of your mood, which take neither effort nor time.

They just want you to think and understand them:

1. Think about what you already have

Something we take for granted, but it’s not. What we already have. We shouldn’t take it for granted, because not everyone has it. Surely there is something in your life that you are proud of or that means a lot to you.

When you’re not well, bring it to your mind. Think about how you feel and let the feeling drift away. At least you will get away and this will make you feel better.

And if you find the excuse that you have nothing to make you feel good, then it’s up to you. Start a hobby or find what you like and take the time to do it. There are no excuses for not being happy, just a negative way of thinking!

2. Give something to the one next to you

The offer is a big asset in a person’s life. It is one of the reasons volunteers have volunteering as a way of life. Because giving makes people feel good.

With the same logic you can offer something to your neighbor. It’s not necessary to be something big. If you see someone struggling with something you can help, take action. If you want something bigger, you can become a blood donor. Or leave a sample as a bone marrow donor. And even be volunteer for a charity.

Let the value of the offer soothe your soul.

3. For a whole day, highlight the positive things of the people around you

Do you want to try something new? For the rest of the day, refer to your surrounding by highlighting something positive about them. It may be something in appearance or even better, in character. What was the last time you tried this? You may never have thought of it, but a good deed has a chain of benefits. You can offer a smile simply by mentioning at the other something you like.

Try it and measure how many smiles you have caused.

3+1: Pretend a smile

A smile causes so many positive reactions in the brain that even if you smile without feeling it, your mind responds as though there is indeed mood for a smile. You would certainly hear several times the advice to smile more. There’s a reason for that. It makes you feel better, while the smile is contagious. Smile is life!