Nowadays, the rhythms are fast and we often fail to catch up… We work tirelessly to get what we need to live, but we forget that material things alone are not enough to make us happy.

You deserve to be happy. You can be happy and radiate with joy. You can find the path that will lead you to peace of mind and harmony and make you truly happy.

Here are some tips that psychologists give to find the joy of life again. Adopt what suits you:

Be with those who make you smile
Chose to spend more time with people who make you smile or laugh more often. Most research to date has shown that when we are surrounded by happy people, our mood is also better, because, yes, happiness is contagious!

Faithful to the principles of your values, your truth
Stay firm to your principles and values. Not being influenced by your surroundings, supporting your truth, your fair and your beliefs, gives you a boost in your happiness.

Dream on
Many of us are afraid of making dreams that may be impossible in our mind. Because what frightens us in this process is the possibility of frustration. But if you don’t dare to dream, you don’t achieve anything. So dare… the impossible. Keep dreaming and visualize yourself achieving the most difficult goals. Don’t ask if you can do it… Try it, believe it and you will feel the greatest satisfaction.

Believe more and take care of yourself
Don’t blame yourself for what is happening or is not happening to others. Don’t look for excuses. Believe in yourself more. Be responsible, take responsibility for your choices.

Happiness is in the small and the simple
Don’t forget that our true happiness lies in simple things and in… non-things. To the people we love and that love us, to the tight hugs, to our most beautiful memories and to those we make every day, to our jokes, to our travels and to the starry skies.

In a smile, in a good conversation, saying “I love you” or listening to someone say, in a song, a stroll, a glass of good wine, a delicious meal or dinner, in a good book, a good movie, when you dance, when you play, when you dream, when you do what you really want to do …

Choose to be happy. You will achieve happiness if you choose to be happy and believe that you can be happy. Life has taught us that happiness comes by choice not by chance.