Do more with less

From the young age you learn that only hard work and patience bring great results. However, there are cases where specifically the way of approaching a situation or a goal plays a big role in their implementation. So how can you do more with less effort?

Ways you can make a difference with less effort are:

Don’t be ashamed to say “no”

There is a fine line between politeness and becoming the so-called “people’s pleaser”. That is, the person who is essentially limited to satisfying the pleas of people around him. Often this has a greater impact in the professional field but isn’t limited to it. You can quite often clarify your intentions by simply stating that at the moment you have other priorities but will be at a good disposition to help or serve in the near future. You may think that a colleague will get angry if you don’t take on the workload that is due to you, or that your coworker will reject you if you refuse his offer to have a cup of coffee. However, in reality such things are quickly forgotten and life goes on.

“Eat the frog”

This phrase, created by author Brian Tracy, obviously has no literal meaning. His book “Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time” is about how you should approach your tasks in the morning. Do you take the topmost task on the list from the get go or do you start with something simple, trying to build confidence? According to the author, the first tactic is more rational since it makes more sense to approach the most difficult task first, in order to devote your maximum energy to it. Such approach will help you oppose and fight procrastination.

Schedule the next day (at least)

Do you find it difficult to sleep at night due to the uncertainty of the season? The only antidote, perhaps, is to take matters into your own hands and approach each day one by one. It isn’t necessary to plan your weekend when it is still Monday. So try to set one or two goals or plan one or two activities that will simply help you build your day around them. This way you will reduce the amount of the unknown and bring the situation to where you’re capable of handling it.


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