Don’t forget to be human

Don’t forget to be human, because at times, with all the ups and downs, we tend to forget about it. We all know that routine and time flowing like water creates problems. There will be moments when we will shut ourselves within our own “world”. Surely, we all will experience, if we haven’t yet, those boring days when we want to be left alone with only our shadow by our side. However, we must not forget that next to us there are people who want us to be well. They want us to become like before, so that we don’t get hurt, nor do we hurt them. That’s why it’s good to not forget to be human.

To love and express love

If the difficult days have dawned upon you with these dark clouds, take as much time as you need to calm down. But never forget that you’re human. Just like you need a hug, there’s someone out there who needs it too. Be loved and express love, as loud as you can. Even if you have a difficult character, or you always felt exposed when saying it. “Love” is a word with incredible power. By saying it to your loved ones, you fill yourself with energy and remind yourself that love surrounds you both in your dark and bright days.

Μη ξεχνάς…να είσαι άνθρωπος

Don’t forget to be human. To offer.

Altruism and gratuitous offering are among the most important things on this earth. It is a fact that volunteering makes you feel full inside and forms the most beautiful curve on your face – your smile. Even on the days when you want to be left alone and to yourself, don’t forget to be human. Take a walk to relax and breathe fresh air. Take bread with you and feed the duck found by the lake. Feed the strays in the neighborhood. Give a plate and a hug to a person who needs it. After all, don’t they say that when we’re in pain, we become a tangle and it gets more difficult to talk to a loved one than to a stranger?


Many people have different views and characters. Did you have an argument with someone at work? Your mood is down and your family is waiting for you to go for a walk. Go home and talk to your spouse. Calm down and don’t speak immediately. Think first and only then express yourself. Sit down and explain what happened. By talking and clarifying things you will avoid creating more problems as the others will know what has happened. Try to show them the need to understand you… but above all understand them too. Refresh yourself, get ready and go for a walk, just as you agreed to do in the morning.

Μη ξεχνάς…να είσαι άνθρωπος


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