There are situations, faces and objects that make us become different people. We are transformed into evil creatures, monsters and our other-than-usual self is excavated and comes to the surface. The opposite also happens. The other side of the coin. From monsters to sensitive beings. However, in any case, don’t forget to be yourself.

There are no bad people. There are bad influences

No one is born… evil. One would say that there are no bad people. But there are, around us, influences and situations that turn around the moment and ourselves. However, this can change.

Don’t forget to be yourself. This person, who calms his/her face as soon as he/she bathes, as soon as his/her body and face are refreshed and relaxed. This human who pulls out the fake mask every night.

Everything is fixed, as long as you want

Don’t forget to be yourself. This is the secret behind the phrase “everything is fixed, as long as you want”. Everyday fake mask, because of difficult situations or routine, benefits nothing to anyone. This fake smile that you make every time you meet that person who causes you stress and discomfort, doesn’t help. Be yourself. The simple self, the calm and the true.

The mirror tells everything

In the morning when you wake up or in the evening before you fall asleep look in the mirror. See the beautiful, great features that make you unique. Take care of your individual imperfections and tighten your hands on your body. Hug it. Don’t be angry because you have unnecessary pounds. Don’t become a strict judge. Don’t cry, because your body is not as it used to be.

The key is the balance

So when the monster, your other upside-down self, comes to the surface, think that you hurt yourself and those around you. The key to this is the balance.

You become a differentperson because your daily life got you tired. You cry to your husband because he doesn’t help at home.

You moan at the children as they run home singing. You are tired of your friends postponing your meetings and you become a selfish person and you are not answering the phone calls. Because you got bored.

Don’t be influenced or underestimate your being. Because with all of the above, you first harm yourself. Really, how different would things be if you were yourself, in those moments of turmoil, boredom and anger? Don’t change infinite faces and balance the situation. Find solutions, talk, listen carefully, accept defeats and other views. Become “you” again.


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