Don’t interrupt the others when they speak

There are often discussions between friends about important (or not so much) things. Social interaction comes through the exchange of views and the sharing of thoughts and feelings. The speaker tries to convey something to the listener in order to achieve communication. That’s why it’s important not to interrupt the others when they speak, but let them complete their train of thought instead.

Don’t interrupt the others when they speak

A quality conversation comes when the interlocutors respect each other. They may not agree with each other, but there must be mutual respect. It’s very important to let the other person complete his statement without interrupting him.

If you interrupt him, it’s as if you are correcting his statement. This subconsciously translates as something went wrong, or even worse – that you don’t care what else he has to say.

And this, indeed, isn’t good. Most importantly, this says a lot about you. Because respecting the other’s opinion is a sign of great self-respect.

Interruption shows arrogance

Do you know what bad impression it leaves on someone when you interrupt them to say something of your own? You look arrogant. Maybe you also felt this at some point that when someone else didn’t let you finish your thought. That’s why you shouldn’t do it.

When you try to impose yourself by interrupting, it reveals a number of weaknesses. It shows arrogance. It says that you don’t care about your interlocutor or what he says. You show that you know everything, that you have little interest. It makes you look like you think you know where his thinking will end up.

It also shows that when the other person speaks to you, you disagree. And there is no greater insult to the one who is trying to tell you something.

If you really aren’t interested in a conversation with someone, it’s better to not have one.

Let the other person finish his thought

The quality discussions take place when there is proper respect. When one seems to be listening to what the other has to say with interest. And he doesn’t pay attention so that he can answer. He pays attention because he is really interested in hearing the other’s point of view.

Such discussions are to have and to seek. Look for people who have respect and don’t force their opinion onto you. Don’t kill the discussion, as this is a sample of useful thinking and relationship with your interlocutor.


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