Every day we find dozens of excuses for not being… happy. “Now I can’t, I have a lot of pending issues in my mind”, “Let me finish with the loan and relax afterwards”, “When I enter the University I will be happy”, “Let me get the lottery and I would be overjoyed!”.

But postponing being happy is an attitude of life. If you are not now, you will never be.

Even if your wish comes true, then you will find another wish to postpone your happiness again.

Or you may be happy for a while but your happiness will not last long, since you will come back on the decision to postpone. If, for example, you postpone your happiness until you win the lottery, you are very likely to never be happy.

If you postpone it for when once-in-a-decade-events happen to you then you will have to wait patiently, many years to feel momentarily happy.

If you postpone it for when you get a pension, you will wait 35 years, hating your job in the meantime. If you postpone it until your children grow up and leave home, you might as well wait 30 (minimum) years… suffering.

Would it be better to intervene in your life by creating opportunities for happiness at the same time that you work and have family responsibilities and your finances are poor? After all, do you help yourself, your health and your life more by being unhappy and anxious? No!

We take on -without thinking about- planned inhumane responsibilities, and then when our 24 hours are full, when we don’t even have hours time to sleep, we think about how miserable our life is.

And how do we learn to rejoice as an antibody in suffering or in obligations? Changing our thoughts and looking for small daily opportunities for happiness.