After a separation or a difficulty, the mood often spoils. Optimism no longer makes sense and the fake smile appears. The only sure thing is that you hurt yourself. It’s time to stop reacting and see life differently. After all everything that happened is done, don’t forget it!

Nothing is given

Realize, if you haven’t yet realized, that nothing in this life is given. People are leaving every second of our daily life. Some are passers-by and other passengers on the journey of our life. Nothing is given, no matter how crude the reality is. The most important thing is to think that the next day will be better.

Everything that happened is done, don’t forget it

Did you split because you didn’t fit in or because you were constantly tearing up? If the conditions don’t allow you to speak calmly and in a balanced manner, choose another day of discussion. Try again. Even if that doesn’t have any effect … everything that happened is done, don’t forget it. Say ‘goodbye’, ‘be nice’, forgive and give your best wishes. After all, everything happens for a reason. And remember that life never transforms itself into a line, but it always remains a circle. It’s a cycle and the best days always come.

Open your wings

“Your magic wings” can occur when the only one who can heal a wound is yourself. Open your wings for other trips. For what will make you happy again. The point in this story is to be able to open your hands as if you were embracing your whole being. Change habits, travel, take away what hurts you and love yourself.

Everything that happened is done, don’t forget it!

People change when situations go away. All you have to do is protect yourself and do the impossible, finding your lost “I”. Smile and see life differently!


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