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Our everyday to-do lists grow larger and larger, which causes us stress and anxiety. And stress as we know is not a good thing. It affects the proper functioning of the heart & brain, upsets the digestive system and so much more. It can also greatly influence our food choices and “lead” us to bad eating habits. So it’s important to find more time for both our physical and mental balance.

Here’s how you can “enjoy” your day without stress:

1. Prioritize

It takes “practice” to be able to separate the important from the unimportant throughout the day. Trying to sort out what’s really urgent and what’s not isn’t easy and can be overwhelming at first.

However, such a “plan of priorities” minimizes stress and the day goes much more smoothly and pleasantly.

2. Ask for help

We often let obligations pile up like a heavy load on our backs. However, we insist on going the extra mile to get it all done.

Don’t do it all alone, however. Don’t be afraid to ask for a helping hand. You will be surprised at how many people around you will be there for you, and will be happy to generously offer their help.

3. Plan things out!

Make a schedule. Prepare small but essential things for the next day that will “untie your hands”. You can, for example, cook your lunch today if tomorrow is a going to be a busy day.

Doing so can ensure you have time for yourself to go for a walk after work or meet a friend.

It’s natural that we can’t plan everything, but by making a schedule and doing the things we can in advance, we save time and “sweep” the stress away.

4. The “beauty” of flexibility

We said to plan and anticipate, but a very “strict” schedule can work against us. Remember: every schedule should also have some delays in mind.

Leave room for the unexpected and adjust accordingly. Adaptability is a “strength” and an important quality.

5. Take time for yourself

Always find some time for yourself. You might think that nothing will happen if you don’t have time to eat breakfast or take a break to rest, but that’s not the case.

Our bodies and minds need breaks to stay alert. Enjoy your food, sip your coffee in peace and make the most of your time alone.

6. “He who hastens too much stumbles and falls”

It applies to all of us! We feel that time is chasing us and we “run” to catch up with everything quickly. We forget that it takes time to achieve something “important”, whatever it may be for each of us.

When we rush, we make mistakes. When we take the time, our efforts are “oriented” in the right direction and we’re able to achieve something, that later, we will be really proud of.


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