In today’s world, Soft Skills are becoming increasingly important. “Social” skills are more important than technique ones, because one them is concentrated one’s quality. More and more companies are looking for people with this kind of skills, while diplomas come in a secondary role. One of the most important skills is finding solutions to problems.

Characteristic of leaders

Finding solutions to problems is a characteristic of all leaders you know. In life, things do not evolve the way we think. There are also hurdles or unexpected events. What do you do in such cases?

Surely, not to give up! Leaders look for ways to solve problems when they occur. They think in detail and instead of the difficulties, they focus on the way.

Think about how important you will be to an employer if you can find solutions to problems. Or even if he has fewer problems because you can get away from formulas, build on your capabilities and find a workable solution. So you become irreplaceable!


Why Salsa is a way of life


Important in everyday life as well

Of course, Soft Skills are called “social” because they depart from the strictly technical part, where we find the technical skills. So they aren’t only important for our work, but primarily for our daily life.

Have you ever wondered how many unexpected things happen in a day? And how do you react to them? Do you think you are unlucky? See if you could react to any of them, just by thinking of possible solutions.
You will make your life a lot easier without having to worry about it anymore.

And how is it cultivated?

The matter is how you can cultivate this skill. From today on, observe around you for anything that might come up with a solution. It doesn’t matter if it happens to you or to another. See if you can think of something.

Of course, in order to cultivate the habit, practice must come after theory. So the best way to cultivate this skill is through friction.
Make sure you take on small challenges that can more easily bring you to the right place to make decisions. Don’t be afraid to take control! You won’t be fully responsive in the beginning, but gradually and with experience you will see you become better.



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