Focus on yourself

We often hear that the secret of success, whether personal or professional, regardless of the definitions we give it, “suggests” that we must focus all our energy on taking care of ourselves.

Why it’s important to focus on yourself

When was the last time you paused to reflect on your needs and desires? It’s definitely not a bad idea to invest time in relationships with your loved ones or even in your job.

But what doesn’t benefit you, is the neglect of your dreams and needs. Since even if you push yourself, without rest you won’t get far.

Focusing on yourself is not selfish

How can you do it?

It’s a profound act of self-love. But when you’ve gotten used to looking at it differently, it can be difficult to set new priorities.

Some helpful tips to help you get started:

Re-introduce yourself

Think of yourself as an exciting person who you want to be friends with, but instead of starting a conversation with yourself (although that’s okay too), try to:

  • Keep a diary, recording your feelings, hobbies and anything else that is worth writing down.
  • Make a list of all the experiences you want to have in the future.
  • Identify your strengths and all the areas you want to grow in.

Love inside and outside

Some ways you can show love for yourself every day include:

  • Instead of pushing yourself to keep going and trying harder when you have to finish a task, take a break and give yourself time to recharge your batteries.
  • Instead of blaming yourself for a failure, encourage yourself with a good reminder that you will try harder next time.
  • Give yourself a hug.

Avoid becoming a victim of comparison

When you’re having difficulties, it’s very easy to fall victim to the trap of comparison. Resist this trend and remember:

  • Find the friends that really fill you with joy and spend time with them.
  • Get inspiration from the people around you but do not let jealousy prevail.
  • Always remember that you can feel good about the successes of others until your own comes.


We are as old as we feel

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