Free yourself from internal conflict

If you want to free yourself from internal conflict, you must work on your self-esteem. The personality reflected in the mirror should be protected, although not caressed, so that you can enjoy each day as if it was your last.

Your path to prevail lies is the following:

Identify the weakness

The first step to resolving the internal conflict is realizing that it is there. Obviously, no problem can be solved if its existence has not been identified first. Therefore, if you catch your mind questioning yourself, you must understand that you’ve crossed the line and started a self-sabotage. At first it’s rational to try and understand “why” such behavior occurs. However, you shouldn’t over-analyze, as instead you must immediately focus your attention on “how” to get out of the impasse.

Recognize the type of conflict

According to Jacqueline T. Hill, there are, more or less, eight kinds of conflicts you can have within yourself. These are sexual, moral, religious, political, self-critical, emotional, interpersonal and existential in nature. It’s important to clarify what exactly concerns you the most. Or what the sector that generates insecurity and needs improvement is. Because, put simply, your beliefs determine not only the quality of the relationship you have with yourself, but also with those around you.


Focus on yourself if you want to live better

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