Growing up, one of the characteristics that maturity replaces is spontaneity. We think a little more before we do something. You might not be moved by emotion. And as normal as it may seem, you can still have a little bit of madness in your life.

Don’t think about everything

This may not be the typical advice you will hear. However, sometimes we need the feeling in our daily life. To live the moment and enjoy it. You don’t always have to be in control if it prevents you from enjoying something in your life.

You can give for a while the keys to others and relax. Don’t always think if you forgot something or if everything is ok for everyone. After all, don’t forget: A lot of thinking isn’t good for productivity as it takes time. Whereas, enjoying something makes you very relaxed and you “recharges your batteries”.

Where do you have the right to have a little madness

Of course, you don’t want to get mad at every moment of your day. And definitely not in your workplace. Keep your professionalism there as this is an essential component of a good employee.


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But be mad at your most private moments. Where you know you do something that makes you happy and you enjoy it. Maybe this is when you go out with friends. Or when you do your hobbies or something you love. Even when playing with your kids.
When you don’t think with logic there but what you do comes out of you, often, the result has more “color”.

Don’t forget the responsibility

One thing is control and thinking ant another the responsibility. Yes, you want the tension, but it must always be accompanied by appropriate responsibility. If, for example, you go out and drink too much, you won’t drive. You will take care of your transportation in advance.

Get a little crazy in your life

When we respect ourselves and the others, we can always live in intensity and do what we love. To have fun and to be seduced. Whatever you do that you love, do it with intensity and passion. Everyone can have their own madness when they do what they love. And this is to some extent necessary!



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