The little boy inside you may suffer immensely. When you were young, you were deeply influenced by the decisions that adults made around you. Children are very sensitive. Even a newborn baby can distinguish the wild voices from the song. That’s why, if you really care about your child, even as an embryo, you will love him/her. Love must start early.

Many young people declare that they hate their father or mother. Sometimes they tell me, with intensity, “I don’t want to have any relation with him or her”. These people are so angry with their parents that they want to cut off any relationship with them.

Sometimes, people have good reasons to want to be physically or emotionally cut off from their parents, especially if they have been abused. Many fear that being near their parents they will become vulnerable and they will hurt them again.

But even if we refuse to meet our parents or refuse to talk to them, we cannot be completely cut off from them. We are made of their material. We are our father. We are our mother. And this is true even when we think we hate them.

We are their continuation. We cannot remove this part. When we get angry with our parents, we just get angry with ourselves. We need to reconcile with the parents within us, talk to them within us and look for a way to coexist peacefully. If we realize this, reconciliation will be easy.

We are capable of great changes within us, but also capable of influencing the world outside of us. Because we are afraid, we often think we don’t know what to do. But all we have to do is walk consciously and breathe consciously, cultivating the energy of consciousness and understanding.

Understanding helps us get rid of our fears, our anger, our hatred… Love can only be born on the basis of understanding.
When we say that the body and the mind are connected, we don’t refer only to our individual body and mind. Inside you have all your biological ancestors, but also your spiritual ancestors. You can experience the presence of your father and mother in every cell of your body.

They are really present in you, along with your grandparents. When you recognize their presence, you will see that you are their successor. You may think that your ancestors no longer exist, but scientists say your ancestors are present within you, in the genetic inheritance that exists in every cell in your body. The same happens with your offspring. You will be present in every cell of their body.