By gaining the trust of others in our social or professional environment, our life is positively affected. Self-esteem and confidence increase while the fear of rejection drastically decreases.

How easy it is, though, to trust someone. And how easy is it gain the trust of the others?

Do you feel betrayed?

Today, we may hear the phrase “I hardly trust someone” more often, and correspondingly there are more people frustrated in their quest to gain the trust of others. Even in this case, however, is it possible not to have been betrayed so much, but to have chosen not to give a second chance?

When we cannot trust those around us, this is reflected in our interpersonal relationships. In the absence of confidence, suspicion is nourished rapidly.

How to gain the trust of the others

Trust is a process that never stops. It needs systematic support and can collapse very easily. It is under constant trial, without it becoming obsessive and stressful. Once you’ve made a relationship or friendship, you know very well that earning someone’s trust is difficult and should be a life-long affair for you.

Convince yourself of your solvency

One way to gain people’s trust is to make them feel that you are solvent. This means that in the beginning they will test you with something small and so will you. A process that may be unintentional many times.


If you want someone to trust you, then the best thing to do is to show him/her that you have stability of character. People tend to trust people who have a consistent schedule and a consistency in what they say and do.

Positive attitude

We all want to feel good. We don’t want to have people around us who are constantly skeptical and generally have a negative attitude towards life. Surely, you will be amazed at how much you can achieve with a positive disposition.
The smile is one of the keys to winning a person’s trust.


Two people who can share their thoughts have learned to listen, to understand what one wants to say. They pay attention to words and speak openly, without hesitation, fear and shame.

External appearance

The appearance is involved in this process. A person who cares for himself/herself will more easily gain the trust of the people around him/her.


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