Patience is an important pillar in every person’s life. It is the ability that gives us the opportunity to know the world of waiting. Of course, without disruption and excessive stress. This is a painful, one would say, world that in the end offers a lot. I call it painful because waiting for something for a long time causes a lot of pain, especially when we know the outcome. Really how can you make possible the impossible with patience?

With it you discover and test your limits

The moment you wait for something becomes more and more boring and stressful. However, with patience and faith you have in yourself you can make possible the impossible.

With it you discover and test your limits. You see certain angles of a situation and you don’t ‘tire’ yourself with ‘maybe’, ‘it might be so’ and so on.

Also, with patience you are able to seal every minute as if it were your shield. It is the key to every success and every difficult decision.

What does the French author Honoré de Balzac say about patience?

“Everything is on time for those who know to wait”.

Things are just as he writes. As hard as it is to wait, everything comes on time, if you have patience. Maybe what you are waiting for a long time to come know something more to delay so much.

In fact, they don’t delay. They wish to come in time. You’re just impatient and you want them now.

How can you make possible the impossible with patience?

You can, only if you believe in you and its power. Let it flow in your blood to feel the power.

Plan better: Instead of waking up at 8am and running, put your alarm clock at least 15 minutes earlier.

Let your mind free: By leaving your mind free, patience can be enhanced. When you think and dream, time passes faster, gaining more patience.

Discover activities that hide patience: Find them and put them in your life. These can be a crossword puzzle, crafts and generally activities that take time.

This word is an important virtue in the life of all of us. It can remove black from our thoughts and bring more smile and happiness to our daily life. Let’s discover it, wherever it’s hidden, and let’s put it in our life. Because we deserve it.