Self-esteem means to feel good about ourselves, to accept ourselves with its positive and negative aspects, and to think that we deserve it. Having self-esteem and confidence in ourselves, we are not discouraged by difficulties, but on the other hand they are transformed into strength… But what happens when self-esteem drops?

Signs of low self-esteem:

-We refer to ourselves with negative words or reduce our positive aspects.
– We focus on the negative mood of others
-We do not accept criticism while we judge others harshly
– Our performance in our work does not meet our potential
-We find it difficult to have friendly or erotic relationships
-We are greatly influenced by the negative comments of others
– We get overwhelmed when we fail at something.

If you value yourself you are involved in life

How can we enhance our self-esteem?

With education

Do we really know ourselves? Both self-knowledge and successful relationships (personal and business) go through a learning process. If we discover our potential, if we have good interpersonal relationships, we value ourselves much more. By enhancing our knowledge, we are given new perspectives, we acquire new self-exploration abilities.

New activities

Let’s start a new activity on something we are interested in. This way we will meet people with similar interests and gain confidence in our abilities. Communicating with people who understand us and engaging with something that interests us boosts our morale!

The list with my positive aspects

I record the positive aspects of every day and the positive feeling I had. I make a list of my successes, from the most important to the least.

I record my failures. I deal with my mistakes with humor and learn from them, I decide to avoid perfectionism!

I write about how I would like to feel or what I would like to do and remind myself of it. I make a list of the things I like about myself.

I record ways I can feel better, which can be simple everyday moments, like playing with my pet, etc.

I think of things that will make me laugh, ways to help the others, what I can be proud of.

If you have the will…

Finally, a basic principle that must be understood by all of us: in life things don’t always happen as we expect to or as we plan. There are many reasons for not managing to do something we want, no matter how hard we try. We will come across obstacles and factors that we may not have taken into account. But if we do not credit ourselves with five positive things, then we build a wall that will block our path and break down any trace of a will to participate in life dynamically. And remember Professor Andrew Panagopoulos’s following quote: “There are a hundred reasons for not doing something, and they may be right. But there is one we do something about, because we want it so much. ”

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Christos Lazanias

Christos Lazanias was born in Limassol and grew up in Agios Konstantinos. He is a graduate of the Department of Greek Philology (Classical Direction) of the University of Patras.

He has worked in various media, online and print. He was involved in the writing of ethnographic theatrical works and in 2016 he released his first author's attempt entitled "Echo-Stories of Life".

He is currently working for the newspaper POLITIS and he is the producer of the radio program "Live with Health" on POLITIS 107.6.

Among his favorite phrases are the words of Odysseus Elytis: «Blessed that you can relish three things in your life, good health, two friends, a love, a job, an activity that makes you feel that you are creating, that you have a reason to exist».

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