The ingredients for a productive week are spotted before it starts and Sunday is the perfect day for that. By keeping the lessons of the previous week, you are better prepared and wiser to act.

Here are four simple ways to get prepared for the week:

Find time for study

The internet is an endless source of access to information. You can find stories from people who can inspire you to the basics to start realizing your dream. Enjoy a book with a cup of coffee in a place that inspires you. In other words, use your time and resources in a productive way. This will open up your appetite for the days to come for productive use.

Practice what you learn

Sunday allows experimentation and the best use of leisure time. There is enough free time to practice the previous step and put your supplies on the battlefield. The access to the most valuable information is useless if not utilized. So put your strategy on the table and plan how it will evolve next week.

Be self-critical

In order to exploit the future, you must avoid the mistakes of the past. Think of moments that could be better managed and think of an alternative plan. Also remember the moments when you got one step closer to the goal and felt free to celebrate.

Schedule your meals

It’s not necessary to be a bodybuilder or an athlete to keep diet in mind. The body requires the right fuel to work so your plan should be feasible. Prepare the supermarket shopping list and pave the way for dinner with friends. Focus on breakfast which is the most important of the day, reducing in this way decision fatigue.