How to avoid being “paralyzed” from over-analysis

One phenomenon that doesn’t favor productivity is being “paralyzed” from over-analysis. Such phenomenon implies procrastination which can even be toxic.

You can be more decisive, by doing the following:

Apply the 5 second rule

If something comes to your mind but you just can’t make a decision, action is what you need to find the solution. In this case, use the advice of Mel Robbins. In his book “The 5 Second Rule” he invites you to act within 5 seconds of a stimulus occurring. Do you want to talk to the charming woman with whom you exchange smiles? Go for it within 5 seconds. Do you want to buy the book you have been browsing for a while? Make a decision within the next 5 seconds.

Wake up a little earlier

The reason you are hesitant is quite often the lack of time. So if you gradually sacrifice five or ten or even more minutes of sleep, you will feel more comfortable. In addition, the extra minutes can help you start the day more rationally and be more prepared in your decision-making. Especially if you prepare the ground for some frequent decisions such as whether to make the bed or not, and what clothes to wear, your life will be even more easy.

How to avoid being “paralyzed” from over-analysis


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