How to build up confidence that will last

All your interlocutor need to form a first impression of you is merely a few seconds. In fact, that first impression isn’t based on what you say but what energy you radiate so it’s important to have confidence that will last.

In order to achieve it, remember the following:

Improve your strengths

Every human being has an Achilles heel and recognizing it is important. Beyond that, however, it’s just as important to identify your strengths. In other words, it’s better to work on improving your strengths than to worry about your weaknesses. You can’t be equally good in all areas of life. And you shouldn’t be misled by those areas that others promote precisely because they excel at them. After all, you live guided by yourself and not the interest or talent of your neighbor.

Repeat positive affirmations

There may not be a magic wand that makes your every wish come true. And it may not be possible for your every wish or every prayer to come true. However, by maintaining a positive attitude, you will lay the groundwork for the overthrow and the counterattack. Every challenge is different depending on if you approach it with the thought of, “I will succeed” or “it’s going to be tough”. Don’t miss the opportunity to raise your morale without the help of others through internal dialogue.

Take care of your health and appearance

Lasting confidence is something that is built but also requires maintenance. After all, it isn’t difficult to climb to the top, but to stay there requires a lot of effort. Don’t neglect your health in order to meet a social obligation or a deadline at work. Exercise and make sure to restore your body so that it’s ready for the next challenge.


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