We all have sometimes an idea in our mind that we never implement it. We constantly think about it, we examine it and we analyze it, but without doing anything to make it happen.

Excessive thinking of our ideas, goals and dreams doesn’t automatically lead to them. Indeed, that over-analyzing often makes obstacles seem bigger than they are, it creates negative thoughts and, above all, delays all the great things that can come into our life from our brilliant idea.

The best thing to do, therefore, is to convert our thought to action.

Don’t let time pass
It’s a fact that the desire for action decreases as time goes on. In fact, the longer we wait for the first “step”, the more likely we will never do it. Fear, worry and insecurity will dominate our mind and keep us locked in inaction. An idea requires appetite, imagination, energy, will, passion, but above all, it requires the one who has the idea to start acting.

Begin acting
The first step is the most important part of implementing an idea. It connects our actions with what we have thought and “gives birth” to what until then existed only in our mind. We move away from the passive state of “Think” and explore new paths through “Do”.

Nothing happened in our life simply because we thought about it. Everything comes through actions. We learned to swim, swimming, as we learned to ride, riding. With the same rationale, we will be able to implement what we have thought of only when we begin doing it.

It doesn’t matter if the first “step” is small or it fails. In both cases we have to praise ourselves and feel proud that we have tried to realize our idea.

Hunt your target
Achieving goals and making dreams come true is no an easy task. There will always be some small moments where we will doubt on something or we will hesitate. At these times it is worth remembering that it’s our own life and that we are completely responsible for the way we live it. If we don’t pursue what we desire, no one will do it for us.