How to deal with the inner judge

Often the biggest obstacle you have to overcome is your own mind. When you come across the inner judge, your mood and confidence can fluctuate, often to a ridiculous degree.

So in order to manage it flexibly, remember the following:

Recognize the situation

No problem can be solved if it’s not identified first. So every time a negative thought appears on the horizon, make sure you grab it in order to process it. The average person realizes tens of thousands of thoughts a day, and a vicious circle of negativity is formed quite often. Something as small as a colleague raising his voice or not repaying a good morning can be the wick for something much bigger. Be careful not to personify the behaviors of those around you and possibly lower your expectations of what you may receive.

Challenge your inner judge

Once you have located the inner judge, it is time to disarm him. And such a task is not difficult to achieve, if you use real world to get back to reality. So whenever a concern arises, analyze it on a piece of paper. Even if you doubt your strengths, do not to accept this view without challenging it. After all, no aspect of life is simply white or black, and it is never just success or failure. The latter can always become a lesson, and teach you that you must take care not to repeat the same mistake in the future.


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