What is the most common excuse when you don’t want to fulfill a social obligation? The reality is that you prefer to do something different, however what happens when you really need to find some free time?

Here are three ways to have more freedom and flexibility:

Set deadlines

The problem is not the stack of documents waiting for you in the office, but the way to managed them. Panic is clearly not the best ally and only puts further obstacles. On the contrary, if you first classify your tasks in order of importance, you will take the first step. Then set deadlines that should be realistic so that you can get a clear direction on where to go. This way you will have better self-control so that you don;t stray from the path of productivity.


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Hold time

In order to find some free time, you need to find out where you spend it. Especially in the case of social media, there are apps that record the minutes you spend on Facebook, Instagram… Being aware of how long it takes to keep checking for new publications may shock you. How could you make use of the minutes or even the hours during which you were limited to scrolling up and down?

Set limits

The time consumed in your workplace may not be very long. Productivity levels don’t always depend on the time you are behind a desk. On the contrary, “burning” is not far from anyone who doesn’t often take breaks to clear his mind and recharge his batteries. You are not your job nor your profession should define you. On the contrary, your character and “ego” are shaped when you associate with your family and friends.



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