Every day we can receive complaints, either in our daily life or in our business. Have you ever wondered how to “gain” someone who complains?

Often, you can face it with defense. When someone comes with a disposition for complaints, the person gets a defensive posture.
At this point he/she tries to interrupt and justify himself/herself. He/she certainly has enough to say n order to defend the “attacks” he/she receives, but that often doesn’t work.

So how can you “gain” someone who complains?

Don’t interrupt the other when he/she speaks

You know that interrupting your interlocutor is not good behavior, but it’s also a great weapon to “gain” someone who complains.

The next time you are in that position, don’t interrupt the other. Someone who has a complaint wants to talk. He/she wants to say it all.

So by complaining, he/she wants to make his/her interlocutor get in his/her place.

Let him/her finish and agree with him/her

Once it’s over, just then you can intervene. And if he/she starts complaining again, let him/her speak again without interruption.

There is no reason to explain to him/her the company policy or whether it is unfair or not. This is because it will not make him/her feel better, so he/she will insist on his/her complaints.

Instead, you can find the points that frustrated him and show understanding. You can even encourage him/her to express his/her thoughts more.

Then, you will repeat the point that put him/her in a difficult position and make him/her agree.

If you make him/her use positive expressions (“yes”), then he/she is subconsciously in a positive mood.

Don’t try to justify yourself

One good way to change the mood of a person that is complaining is by letting him/her express it freely. And if it’s unfair, we can tell him/her so when he/she comes in a more positive mood.

Otherwise he/she will not hear and will not try to understand.

Remember, the secret is not to win everything. But also to put aside our selfishness and paint the world of the others a little bit. All this positive energy for sure returns to us.