In order to gain sympathy, you often exaggerate even in the context of a discussion. A positive image is not built by one who says much, but one who shows respect and listens to his/her interlocutor.

Here are three ways to earn points without saying a lot:

Take a notebook instead of a phone

Dale Carnegie says that “if you want to be interesting, show interest.” The biggest gift you can give to an interlocutor is to listen to him. You can easily notice that there are usually people sitting around a table struggling to be heard. However, the difference is not made by the one who talks too much, but the one who has a balance and a pair of ears. Dealing with your mobile phone is not correct. On the contrary, especially in a meeting with a new acquaintance, you can even keep notes of what he/she’s saying.


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Retain names

There is no sweeter word in anyone’s ears than his/her name. Holding a name is enough to gain sympathy. This shows interest and seriousness towards your interlocutor. It is clearly different to address him/her as “friend”, something he/she will hear many times and different to hear that sweet word. To retain a name, either repeat it during the handshake, or check it for a few seconds. Going one step further, you can remember the names of the children or the pet of that person.

Make a “strong” exit

The first and last impression count. It is proved ut that a person can have an image of the other in just a few seconds. After a productive discussion, make sure you say goodbye in a memorable way. This can be a subtle touch, a warm handshake or a clever compliment such as “I enjoyed our discussion and would like to do it again”.



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