How to get out of plateau

If you prefer to lie on the couch instead of chasing your goals, obviously you’re either scared of the unknown or simply procrastinating. Thus, the question of how to get out of plateau as the precious time gets wasted arises.

So, forming new partnerships and redefining your goals are among the answers to the aforementioned question:

Set realistic goals

Pursuing goals that require a lot of effort when supplies are scarce is psychologically daunting. On the other hand, when you set either more realistic goals or split big ones into smaller tasks, they become noticeably more achievable.

One reason you plateau is either fear or laziness to overcome a huge obstacle. So, positive thinking and momentum can be built by small and steady steps that will be your answer to the question of how to get out of a standstill.

Observe your thoughts

The mind tends to exaggerate a problem, especially when you feel stuck. However, having a method and design in mind can simplify the solution.

Moreover, having extra hands and eyes is obviously better than having only yours to use. For example, if you think, “It’s impossible for me to move forward”, change it to, “I face a problem that I will solve with study and effort”.

Get out of your comfort zone

The so-called comfort zone often implies aspects of your life that require you to exceed your limits. If this scares you, then you can simply widen the borders of what you see as known and safe.

If every day you add a small excess or use more energy than you usually do, little by little you will gain enough momentum to face the bigger obstacles. Controlled risk is what will increase the chances of success and reduce any losses.

Find allies

Instead of being jealous of the person you are dreaming of becoming, ask them about how they achieved their success. Every person feels strong when their work is recognized and there is no reason to hide the truth from you.

Also, choose to associate with people who share your vision instead of those who despise it. Because the latter are just toxic relationships that simply keep you static.


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