How to keep promises made to yourself

When you aren’t willing to make the effort, you have to find another way to keep the promises you made to yourself. Maybe you want to lose weight or increase your social circle, so what exactly should you do?

Whether you want to start a new hobby or find a new job. Tactics that will help you in any situation are the following:

The stack technique

First of all, think about a habit that is almost effortless and pre-planned. This can be the morning shower, the lunch break or simply wearing your favorite pajamas. These actions are done without consideration but with great precision and consistency. So in order to keep promises, you can put them right after the aforementioned ones in your schedule. This way, you will in a way “stack” one habit after another. The corresponding repetition will make them interconnected.

The pairing technique

An even more effective approach is to recall your favorite habits. For example, watching your favorite movie can be one of them. At the same time, keep in mind a promise you have made to yourself, such as housekeeping. So while you enjoy your favorite series, you can either wash the dishes, iron, or deal with the clutter in your personal space. This way you put something you love and something you need a boost for on the same plate.

Gretchen Rubin’s “power hour”

Even the processes that aren’t the most enjoyable require planning. In fact, this applies even in case of promises that you’ve made but aren’t willing to fulfill. Gretchen Rubin proposes her “power hour” technique. For sixty minutes, she deals exclusively with whatever is considered difficult or not so attractive. This way she has managed to overcome procrastination.


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