How to keep self-criticism at a beneficial level

It’s not really rational to shift the blame left and right, simply because you aren’t where you’ve always wanted to be. It all starts with yourself and your own efforts, however even self-criticism should be kept at a beneficial level.

So if you noticed giving yourself some non-constructive criticism, remember that:

You don’t define your future to the absolute

If you have exhausted your alternative plans but haven’t made the progress you would like, don’t be disappointed. And above all, don’t start unleashing your anger on yourself by leading the feedback and self-criticism anywhere but to a useful level. The tendency to control is one of the thieves of happiness according to John Izzo. And there are such cases in which even if you succeeded, it won’t be enough to hit the top. In such situation, take a step back, take a deep breath and seek collaborations that will help you take off.

You don’t have to be perfect

As mentioned above, the effort for control and especially perfectionism, can work like a boomerang. This is because you don’t allow the consequences of your actions to be seen after each of your actions. In combination with impatience, an almost toxic cocktail is formed which doesn’t favor productivity. Instead it saws off the legs of the table on which you have mapped and captured your dreams.


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