How to make a decision without regretting it later

Nelson Mandela had stated that, “I never lose. I either win or learn”. This makes sense, because every decision, even in the worst case, is accompanied by a lesson. However, it’s more effective and useful to choose your path without regretting it later.

To move in the right direction, do the following:

Work proactively

When there’s a luxury of time, dare to plan and make a decision comfortably. This can be about something as simple as what clothes you will wear tomorrow morning. Or it may be about whether you will subscribe to the gym for three or six months, saving money. Often a bad decision is made due to time constraints and lack of flexibility. So where there is space and time to think, make sure you use them. This way you will achieve the best from decision making.

Distribute power

One decision differs from another. Obviously choosing a new professional home is more important than what to eat for lunch. So make sure you allocate your time and energy based on the importance of the decision you have to make. It’s not a bad thing, nor a defeatism, to channel more energy towards the decision that will have a greater impact on the future. After all, you can measure how important a decision is by thinking about what your life will be like in a week, a month or a year based on it.


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