How to make a good first impression

All it takes to decide if you like or dislike someone is just a few seconds. Therefore, you want to make sure that the first impression you make counts, whether it’s an interview, a date or a new accomplice. So how do you steal the show from the get go? In other word… how can you make a good first impression?

How to make a good first impression


Consider the following: you have in front of you a man who introduces himself to you with a sincere smile and a man who is polite but cold.

Which one will you like better? Obviously the former is the answer. Therefore, why not do the same? Smile, but not with an icy smile that never goes away. Introduce yourself and let the conversation flow spontaneously.

Eye contact counts

As is the case with the smile, eye contact plays an important role when it comes to the first impression you make. For those who are ashamed to look their interlocutor in the eye, try this: look at your interlocutor at the point between the eyes. They won’t even think you’re looking somewhere else and will think they have your undivided attention.

Turn nervousness into excitement

It’s perfectly normal to be nervous. What you can do, though, is take advantage of it. Instead of dwelling on the idea that you should definitely eliminate “bad” nervousness, remind yourself that it’s good to be excited.

Don’t be ashamed to ask questions

After all, it’s the only way to get to know each other. In addition, by asking, you don’t risk going out of your way to say something that isn’t true.

At the same time you show your interest. Aside from the fact that it’s better to admit you don’t “understand” a topic fully, it’s a smart way to open the conversation.

Don’t look at the cell phone all the time

Replying to messages, browsing your Instagram profile or posting a selfie aren’t the best things to do on a first date. By doing so, you show that you would rather be somewhere else!

Be well-groomed

Appearance and style definitely matter when we meet someone for the first time, but the important thing is be overly perfect in your stylistic choices.

Take care of the clothes you will wear to make you feel comfortable and to be yourself. This is the number one secret to stealing the show. On the contrary, the highly sophisticated look can even have a negative effect.

Don’t try too hard

When you try to make an impression and “enchant” your interlocutors skillfully it’s not just looks that matter.

Don’t overthink in advance about what you will say, don’t try to “show off” by talking about yourself and don’t try to “orchestrate” the supposed meeting.

All this makes you shut down and have even more stress in case the things don’t go as planned.


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