There are thousands of books dealing with… everything. But there is only one book that is exclusively about building human relationships on a purely practical level.

Dale Carnegie’s book «How to make friends and influence people» is an international best seller that can radically change your mindset. And of course, your whole life, if you apply what you learn.

The best book of its kind
This book dates back to 1936. It was the first book to be written about human relations and is by far the best till now.
Inside its pages there are practical examples and techniques explaining dozens of ways to make friends.

What makes it unique
What makes it unique is its practicality. It is not a book intended to inspire. It’s a guide.

You ready clearly what you need to do to have a happy environment in which you can flourish. It’s not the book you read once and then you forget it.

Its big secret
Reading it you will understand the secret of the book. If it could be described with a suggestion, it would be to put aside your selfishness.

Basically, the book is about how to bring others into focus, making them feel important and confident.
When we make a person feel important, he/she will do everything for us.

Ode to positivity
This book could also be the basis of the blog Within its pages you will learn how to express yourself in a positive way always. But also how to find always something good to say about the other.

If you manage to transmit positive energy, then all of this energy will come back to you.