When you try to be typical in an appointment in order to avoid being exposed, then you obviously don’t feel good if your boyfriend or partner doesn’t act the same way. Managing a person who is late is neither easy nor impossible.

Starting by understanding exactly what is going on, you will simplify the process with the following three steps:

Start with yourself

If you are typical, it’s not exactly … fair to ask from others be as well. It is even selfish to require from either your friend or your partner to follow your example. Every person has his/her own pace and with it feels comfortable. Whether this affects his/her professional career or his/her position in society, it’s his/her own problem. What you can highlight are the consequences of delaying attending a predetermined meeting. That is to say, you are a typical person with respect to him/her and you expect him/her to do the same.


This is how you will succeed


Recognize the source of the delay

Many people are late to one obligation, because they try to meet another. Such a person does not realize that if he/she turns to the help of a neighbor for an appointment, he/she leaves another exposed. So in their own minds they do the good act of the day, however, they charge a friend or even a partner. This is no consolation when you sit for thirty minutes alone in a table. But on the other hand it lets you know that you are not neglected, nor this delay is deliberate.

Go ahead on the plan b

Having now recognized important parameters from the two previous points, it’s time for action. Essentially, the options are two in order to manage a person who systematically delays and has to do with whether you want to pass on a message or want to maintain your peace of mind and accept the data as it is. On the one hand, you can also delay an appointment even though it is against your philosophy, so the other person understands what results from his/her behavior. The other option is to have a book as companion with you until your company arrives.


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