Everyday life and the contact with those around us constantly evoke different emotions. Sometimes negative, such as conflict, anger, disagreements. Anger is an annoying feeling that we have all experienced in different circumstances. In fact, sometimes it can be so intense that it hurts people close to us. That is why identifying and managing anger effectively is so important. How can we manage our anger?

Count to 10

This is a classic advice we usually give to children. Often, when we are angry we say things that hurt the others, but actually this isn’t our goal. However, a tough conversation is as painful as a knife that leaves marks. Therefore, if we use the metering method until 10, we take the time to reconstruct our thoughts and behave more calmly.

The sources of our anger

It is important to understand why we are angry. Often, we are angry for days, weeks or even years forgetting the cause of our anger. So let’s ask ourselves what are the sources of our anger. Is it possible that they derive from our own tolerance? Then we will be able to change the situation and thus avoid negative situations.


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The technique of the break

If we find that during a conversation we begin to feel anger, anxiety and tension, we can take a break. We can move away from the debate by finding an excuse and wondering how we should approach the issue. So we will calm down and return to the discussion with a different approach.

The stress of everyday life

If our daily life os full of stress, our chances of having anger bursts multiply. Is it time to change our pace? Prioritize our daily activities, thereby reducing the fatigue and stress they may cause.

Relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques will not only help us gain better control of ourselves, but also they will help to improve our self-confidence and improve our interpersonal relationships. Exercise, yoga, daily walking in nature, whenever we want we can find at least half an hour each day to relax our body and mind.


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