How to move on even when you have doubts

No one can guarantee that their life path will be lined with rose petals from beginning to end. However, the goal should always be to move on even when you have doubts about your success, instead of giving up at the first setback.

4 things that will make your day brighter are:

Get in touch with reality

Your pessimism is obviously caused by specific events. So why not experience better ones? Just like when you want to break a habit, you can build optimism through substitution. Throw away the things that “drown” you psychologically and make sure you know you’re capable of so much more. Talk to the people you like, go for a walk in nature (even by yourself) or start looking for a better job.

Keep moving

A major effect of doubt is inactivity and lack of energy. By closing in on yourself, you reduce the chances of that flame that can rekindle your temper to emerge. The best antidote to gloom is physical movement and exercise. It isn’t necessary to lift weights. Simply find a sport you like or go for a walk outside.


Obviously, your life hasn’t only had its downs, but also its ups. The current stagnation is temporary and sooner or later you will move forward. There is no greater inspiration than you yourself, so remember the journey and the emotions throughout it. The act of moving forward begins when you value the beautiful experiences that you have had. After all, you want to experience them again and they’re an inspiration to abandon the passive attitude.

Revise your self-criticism

Doubts take place when you evaluate yourself. If your criticism is harsh and nihilistic, it will be very difficult for you to find a lifeline or escape. Essentially, it’s healthy to have demands for yourself, but it’s unhealthy to set the bar too high and apply unnecessary pressure. On the contrary, you have every right to celebrate the small victories that give you the impetus for bigger things.


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