How to organize yourself emotionally

Rarely are our emotions arranged within in balance with our thoughts, so as not to confuse us. On the contrary, as is the case with our wardrobe, we keep a mixture of both new and outdated or even unnecessary emotions, that simply “take up space” without benefiting us. So here’s how to organize yourself emotionally.

However, just as you can clear your closet, you can organize everything you feel, discarding things that don’t serve you any purpose or stress you out. It’s a complex but not difficult process, however, it certainly requires time and honesty.

Some steps you can take to begin preparation for mental organization:

Recognize exactly how you feel

The first step in organizing your emotions is to list your problems or concerns. This may sound like a difficult task, but it is not. And according to a scientific study, simple listing of things that bother you seems to facilitate stress management.

Recognizing the underlying thought or belief, evaluating its usefulness and changing it, in case it doesn’t do you any good, can be a powerful tool.

Recognize the pattern

Sometimes you have to decide if emotion is necessary or if it works “autonomously” as a reaction pattern.

It’s important to remember that emotions guide our behavior and we need to control them, so that they don’t “stack” inside us, eventually creating unnecessary obstacles in the path of our goals.

Consider your way of thinking

It’s important to observe the way you think and evaluate it critically. As it may have adopted a negative pattern which will negatively affect many aspects of your daily life.

It would be a good idea to limit some ways of thinking, such as “all or nothing” approach, emotional explanation of everything, constant use of “should” or even taking responsibility sometimes.


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