How to play the leading role in your life

The word egoism is often misunderstood. As it for the most it only implies the tendency to see yourself and no one else. However, there are times when you reach the other extreme and don’t allow yourself to play the leading role in your life.

Ways in which you will find the right balance between giving and taking are:

Say “no” more often

Kindness is a trait that can help you make friends. However, when this is the only way for you to be liked, soon there will be someone who will abuse it. Especially when it comes to your professional environment, you must make your own tasks a priority. After all, the last thing you need is a stack of papers in your office. When you have the time and the good mood to extend a helping hand then do it without a second thought. Until then, remember that you are the protagonist in your story.

Find a purpose and a passion

If you open your eyes every day to enter a predetermined routine, then it’s only a matter of time before realization comes. This will make you understand that you aren’t living, but simply letting time pass without emotion. And then there is the risk of slipping into other paths that will make you lose even what you take for granted. In fact, finding a hobby, you will discover a new chapter in your life. Dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to a cause and you will get back to satisfaction and pleasure. As a matter of fact you’ll get so much more than if you invested all your time simply to make money.


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