How to prevent self-sabotage

In addition to the obstacles that arise in the various environments in which we turn up, make sure you don’t make it all any more difficult and prevent self-sabotage. Our own mind and the body are often the things that block our path to progress and success.

The following will help you:

Keep a diary

A very useful tip to prevent self-sabotage, is to record your actions. This way you will be able to see what impact some repetitive patterns have. For example, when you go out to eat with your friends, you’ll have the moderation and self-control so that you won’t eat or drink more than your body needs. Also, when are you most vulnerable to negative thoughts? Is it when you’re in the middle of a crowd or in the quiet of your personal space? The diary will help you to find out.

Seek a helping hand

An outside observer can more easily identify certain behaviors or actions of yours. So don’t hesitate to ask your partner, friend and generally people close to you to watch after you discreetly. Share with them the area in which you think you are making things worse by sabotaging yourself. So that when you don’t realize what you’re doing, or give in to temptation, you will have someone to ring the bell and stop you.


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