The feeling of guilt derives from a biochemical reaction as a result of an event that didn’t have a pleasant end. Obviously it is something negative and repetitive thinking that you could do something better.

However, because the past does not change and the future offers correction, you can resort to the following three tactics:

Cultivate the capacity of acceptance

The feeling of guilt derives from the fact that you failed to control a situation. Either you or someone else has been exposed and correcting the error is difficult. Even if there is a repair of material damage, you may not receive forgiveness. In this case, as in any other case involving guilt, data is simplified when you realize that you cannot have total control. Instead, it would be better to accept what you cannot define and focus on what you can change for the better.


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Recognize your feelings

It is no surprise that we often confuse our body’s reactions to what is really going on. For example, a tightening in the abdomen can mean anything, such as difficulty digesting or a bad feeling. What’s your feeling when you feel guilty? Is this something out of the ordinary and can it be related to something else, smaller and unimportant? In addition, you have to wander whether the guilt you feel is important and compare yourself with people who are less privileged. By meditating and appreciating what you have, you will escape the cage of guilt.

Choose an alternative feeling

When trying to escape a state of mind, the best recipe is to replace, not to avoid. The feeling of guilt will not completely leave you alone, but it will fade with hard work. If at any time you feel you have an alternative plan, such as thinking about a pleasant memory, then you will leave it aside. In other words, don’t fight to resist it, but prefer to reject it and consciously choose something that will bring a smile to your lips.


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