So how do you stay optimistic without breaking away from reality?

“Believe in it and thing will get better”

Lately this quote has become a motto for successful people: whatever happens, don’t let it put you down.

But at the same time positive thinking has a different side, since unwavering trust in a beautiful world and

ever-ending happiness can easily distort our perception of reality.

A complete shutoff of negative thoughts can cause us to ignore the warning signs coming from the outside


And such levels of optimism can only lead to disappointment.

A human is programmed to be cautious and discrete, and without these qualities our ancestors wouldn’t even make it.

Our senses are an inner sensor in a way that reflects our attitude towards certain issues. We don’t stop feeling sadness, anger & fear by just refusing to accept them. Instead we’re deceiving ourselves. This hinders our ability to properly evaluate a situation and make a right decision. We become the slaves of optimism.

However, pessimism, negative thinking and depression can separate us from reality just as easily.

There is a radical solution – stay realistic

Just try to understand what’s going on in the world around you and how you can affect it. Get rid of things that disturb you and interfere with your life.

Embrace the life the way it is and accept both good and bad. Properly assess your capabilities and events you participate in, be cautious of your actions and plan your life with reason.

You should also care more about your health, and pay no heed to stressful events.

Of course, it’s also very important to maintain a clear state of mind. We must remember that any sense is a signal sent by our body. By ignoring it we lose the connection to our genuine needs and desires.


So the question is, does a healthy positive thinking even exist?

And the answer is, yes. Its built on realism and hope.

It’s a different type of optimism that allows you to approach your future, your ideas and plants foreseeing the difficulties you’ll have to overcome. Its secret is not in “raising your spirits” but in finding them in the feeling of happiness that appears when we think positively.

If you ever find yourself in a troublesome situation, just tell yourself that “problems exist, but I can solve them”.

The true optimists realize that they live in an imperfect world where love can wither, innocent be punished and ill can die, but they still do what they can to understand and change the state of things.

There is a whole real world outside of your perception, hopes, doubt and predictions that you will have to go against.

Take risks, but do it responsibly, know when and how to recover to be able to regroup and move forward.


What lies at the foundation of such optimism?

It all comes from self-belief, a skill of enjoying your life and being able to take action.

Always remember that any problem can be solved even if the solution isn’t exactly perfect.

Sometimes the search for said solution can be satisfying itself.

Did you lose your job? Maybe its just the time to try something new. Did you break up with your beloved? Maybe you’ll meet someone better.

Its not an easy task to build a proper, enlightened optimism, but its worth it. Look for the bright sides of life but don’t ignore the dark ones, because they matter too.