Several Hollywood production comedies have as their central theme the first acquaintance with the parents of the main character’s comrade. Usually these situations are accompanied by exaggerations, but sooner or later you will be asked to deal with this particular encounter.

Because the first impression counts in human relationships, you should have the following in mind:

Use your ally

Who knows your partner’s family better? But of course your partner, which is able to give you basic information. As to what to expect and what to avoid. The first meeting with her parents should not be considered as a test. On the contrary, it is an opportunity for a first encounter with two people who may play an important role in your life in the future. It is essential to know the basics, such as red lines and whether humor is acceptable. As Sarah Epstein points out, every family has a different degree of involvement in their children’s life and decisions.


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Short in duration but substantial

Getting to know her parents is special so take some time to be prepared. Formality is not required, nor a visit with large duration. On the contrary, it can be a visit to her home or an outdoor coffee meeting. It is important for all members to feel comfortable as this is the purpose for authenticity. Kevin Darne specifies that such first meetings should take between one and two hours.

Show superiority

Whatever preparations you make, there will obviously be awkward moments or moments when you will be asked to answer a question that brings you in a somewhat difficult position. It is not even possible to deal with aggression, perhaps challenging your prestige, profession or studies. In such a case, according to Tara Vossenkemper, humor is a good ally. A response like “I feel embarrassed and I hope that’s not the rule” with a smile disarms the person you have opposite to you.



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