How to wake up wanting to learn something new

In a volatile society and a volatile world, knowledge of today may not be enough for tomorrow. However, by doing your best to learn something new every day, you will improve your defenses and stamina.

So if you want to expand your horizons, adopt the following:

Find something that you are passionate about

Instead of pursuing a hobby or interest of a friend or a neighbor, find something that attracts you personally, because at the end of the day it is you who gives yourself the motivation and the intention to learn something new. Eventually you will discover something that you’ll want to get deeper into, either through your daily life or your interests. Take a pen and a piece of paper and write down something that comes to mind spontaneously. And of course, you can always ask for a piece of advice and take an influence from people close to you.

Explore alternative ways of learning

At a time when technology offers us so many options, you can go one step further by studying a book in order to gain knowledge. And in case, you aren’t attracted to a good book you can gather information from the internet, from videos on YouTube or webinars. Information is everywhere and all around you. There’s so much of it, all you need is to reach out and grab it. Various blogs and documentaries are also an interesting way to learn something new.


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