If you are jealous of all those who seem to have contracted well-being then it is up to you to change your situation. Moving on the path to success requires effort and careful planning so that time and confidence are not wasted.

In order to overcome procrastination and all those who do not consider you capable of the best, apply the following plan:


The sign that will push you forward most likely will never appear. And even if there is an event that motivates you, it may be a coincidence. Finding the right partners and starting with the tools you have, whatever they are, is the first step. Procrastination is your biggest opponent and the first obstacle to get on the path to success. If you want to lose weight, visit the nearest gym to get into the spirit. If you want to change job, start looking at ads and writing your cv.


Once the boat has taken off, the next step is to chart the route. Keeping up with it is also a requirement, but you also need to be flexible. If a rock is included in the line, take the rudder and maneuver it to keep you in the game. The obstacles are part of the game. It is there that will require perseverance and patience for every small mission to be conquered. As Buddha Siddhartha Guatama Shakyamuni said, “when the student is ready, then the teacher appears”.


If you see only the end of the journey, then courage will not be your ally. On the contrary, the achievement seems huge and the pleasure of stepping it up is lost. Not only do you have the right to celebrate every small victory, but it is also necessary to boost your morale. Indeed, this will also be the fuel in the productivity engine so that it works seamlessly and produces more and more results.



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