Many people want to have control over the situation. When things are under control, they are calmer because they know how to deal with a situation. But control doesn’t come without a price. Because if you want to have control over a situation, you have to be willing to take responsibility for your actions.

Don’t be afraid of responsibility

Responsibility is a big asset in our life. You will immediately understand this. But it’s very important to know when to take it.

It’s not possible to want to have control over a situation without accepting the responsibilities it carries. And responsibilities are not a bad thing. They want subtle handling that often matures you. And your responsibilities give you the incredible control that is essential to each of us.

Why Salsa is a way of life


What it means to have control

One characteristic of a truly free man is to expect nothing from others. Be autonomous and can always rely on his/her own power.

One step he needs to take to do this is to have control over the situations that affect his/her life. If, for example, he is looking for a job, not waiting for those who promised him/her to find him/her a job.

This shapes your character and makes you stronger. So, when the hardest moments of life come, you don’t put anything away and you don’t accept the defeat. Equally, you persuade and continue. Heavier.

Seek responsibility

Don’t be a person who is afraid of responsibilities. Wherever you know there are challenges, be there. Sure it’s difficult but it’s also exciting. Of course you can’t build dynamism from one night to the next. But if you take responsibility of something small little by little, you will be able to meet the larger ones. Usually, that’s life itself with its challenges.


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