Wounds on our bodies can sometimes be difficult to heal, whether these are external or internal. But there are those wounds that come from a difficult situation or experience or even frustration. Time is passing and you forget one thing. That you deserve. And because you deserve the best it’s time to say goodbye to what hurts you.

Stop looking at the past

The past has always existed and will always exist. We all know how painful it is to look at the past, compare, remember what hurt you. It’s time to say goodbye to what hurts you. Protect yourself by erasing your past. I know the past is not paper glue to crumple it. It isn’t a box to write a huge “END” on it with a red marker. But you can just think positively and look ahead.

Do whatever fills your soul

It’s time to say goodbye to what hurts you, then. After all, life is very important, waiting for you to fill it with colorful colors. Leave the past and those hurting you aside and do whatever fills your soul.
-> Begin gym
-> Study the “magic” of Aerial Yoga
-> Make new friends and build experiences
-> Travel
-> Fill your days with beautiful and unforgettable moments

Above all, remove words such as monotony, misery and sorrow from your vocabulary. What these words offer to any hurt or unhappy person is to make him/her tire of his/her mind and body.

Don’t forget your shield

Many say that a tear has more power than a smile. Because the tear is more convincing and true. We can say quite the opposite. The smile is stronger than a tear. Because it offers you the unique opportunity to highlight the most beautiful curve in your body. It makes you beautiful and adorable. You will boost your confidence and know that you create a pleasant environment with those around you.

It’s time to say goodbye to what hurts you

So leave out of your heart what hurts you. Say goodbye and shout it loudly. Live as you wish and set boundaries in your relationships. Friendly, erotic, even family. Erase your wounds, as if you were magically erasing them, and engrave on them “CAN”, “WANT”, “BYE”. Because in your life you are the protagonist and no one else!


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